Iboga is allowing participants to experience 

transformational healing, successfully overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, and many other ailments. 

     This powerful bitter has the ability to detoxify the body, clear heavy metals and toxins, bring the PH into balance, facilitate recovery from disease, and assist in sustaining overall wellness. At Iboga Healing, we use the intact root bark of the plant, sourced directly from our sister village in Gabon. In this form, Iboga retains all of its vital 13 alkaloids, rather than ibogaine, which is a man made derivative and contains only 1.

     The Bwiti people teach us to use the Root of the Iboga plant to get to the Root of what is holding us back from living our lives to our full potential. 

 Iboga Healing is a family, and it is our mission to share this medicine with love and integrity.  Our team facilitates Psycho-Spiritual Iboga ceremonies in locations around the world, including Costa Rica and Portugal. Our staff are extensively trained, and have worked together treating hundreds of people. It is our passion to help others find happiness and connection through this plant medicine.

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     For us, there is no Iboga without the Bwiti tradition, and there is no Bwiti tradition without Iboga. This medicine comes with a body of knowledge that teaches us how to find peace, happiness, and the ability to live in the present moment.

At our retreats, Iboga and Bwiti are the healing modality for the week. Maintaining the purity and integrity of what was given to us, is why the retreats are so successful. 

     Our teacher told us not to add anything, and not to take anything away. And so, though we may be tempted to add other shamanic traditions, a yoga class, or breath work, as these are all beautiful practices, and wonderful tools for before and after your retreat, This week is about Iboga, it is about life itself. There are so many layers of wisdom to dive into, not to mention the layers of ourselves that this week gives us time to explore.

     How often to we give ourselves time to just be? Not read a book, not check our phone, not fill our day with schedules and classes, but to just be present. Using our senses to feel and see what is around us, to feel ourselves and discover the truth of what is going on inside. This retreat is a pass to take the time many of us have needed for years.

     It is for these same reasons that we do not mix plant medicines during the week. This powerful plant spirit needs its own space to work. 

     Our journey has led us to learn about many different indigenous healing modalities, yet when we discovered Iboga, it was clear that this is what we were meant to specialize in. It is our calling to provide a safe space for people to have a direct experience with Bwiti Iboga and we have dedicated our lives to learning everything we can about how to best work with this medicine. After 7 years of learning about this process, studying, and mastering what it means to bring people through this journey, we are honored to continue walking with this tradition into a better future.


Thank you to the Bwiti people for sharing this tradition with open arms.


Thank you to our teacher for taking the time to share these ways in their wholeness.


Thank you Iboga. 

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