Iboga Healing Center Portugal

 Iboga Plant Medicine; Tradition and Application   

Iboga allows participants to experience 

transformational healing, successfully overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, and many other ailments. 

     This powerful bitter has the ability to detoxify the body, clear heavy metals and toxins, bring the PH into balance, facilitate recovery from disease, and assist in sustaining overall wellness. At Iboga Healing, we use the intact root bark of the plant, sourced directly from our sister village in Gabon. In this form, Iboga retains all of its vital 13 alkaloids, rather than ibogaine, which is a man made derivative and contains only 1.

     The Bwiti people teach us to use the Root of the Iboga plant to get to the Root of what is holding us back from living our lives to our full potential. 

 Iboga Healing is a family, and it is our mission to share this medicine with love and integrity.  Our team facilitates Psycho-Spiritual Iboga ceremonies in Colares, Portugal. This tranquil place provides a safe and serene backdrop for your Iboga experience.

Our staff are extensively trained, and have worked together treating hundreds of people. It is our passion to help others find happiness and connection through this plant medicine.


With over 10 years of experience in facilitating this medicine, our team will empower & guide you to heal.


All retreats include:

- Two transformative Iboga ceremonies

- Ceremonially harvested medicine 

- Nourishing food & lodging

- Profound Bwiti fireside teachings

- Spiritual Shower

- Nature excursions

and more...


Pre- initiations are now being offered at all our retreats for both men & women (for those that qualify)


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We are honored to be offering retreats at our new permanent center in peaceful Portugal

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Iboga Healing Center Portugal

Our Center is nestled in beautiful, historical Sintra. Surrounded by lush valleys and castles, Colores valley offers a perfect place to deepen in your Iboga Journey. Sintra is a true jewel, its tranquil forests and ancient castles a constant reminder of how the ancestors cared for the world around them.

Iboga Healing Center Portugal
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Useful for depression, anxiety, and more; A Psycho-Spiritual Journey is a journey to heal your mind using ancient Bwiti technology. 



. This ceremony walks you to the door of your manhood, and invites you to take control of your life.



We are honored to have been given this sacred ceremony, a deeper step into the tradition and knowing of this tradition.

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Useful for soul fragmentation and depersonalization, this ceremony offers grounding and wholeness.